Binocular Vision™:

Helping you see the world, and your place in it, in a whole new way, that’s what we do with our process called Binocular Vison™. We help you see the big picture… the whole field… your entire system & environment… the global situation. We help you see details more clearly than ever before… things you have missed in the past. We help yous ee farther than ever before… the future will come into clear focus, often for the very first time. Like a great pair of binoculars, we help you see the world, and your place in it, in a whole new way.

FAST Path™:

Take a look inside one of our most important tools.  The FAST Path™ process is full of the information and tools that you need to get the ball rolling. We’ll walk through the right and wrong ways to use these tools, who needs them in their hands, and how to empower them to make powerful change in your company. From Planning and Prioritization to Tracking and Action Steps, we’ll help you make the right change from start to finish. See what we’re talking about here (link)

Shirt Pocket Guides™:

If you see us on the street, you can be sure that we have these powerful pieces of information tucked safely in our pocket. When we leave the house in the morning, we make sure we have our keys, wallet, cell phone and these cards. These daily reminders help us keep a keen eye out for opportunity for improvement in our daily workings. Would you like to see what will soon be in your back pocket? See it here (link)

Other Tools:  We integrate a huge number of tools, and thinking, into every client project. Some of these tools come from:

  • Kotter’s 8-Step Model for Leading Change
  • Drucker’s Theory of the Business
  • Cooperrider’s Appreciative Inquiry
  • Senge’s Organizational Learning
  • Collins’ Good to Great
  • Sociotechnical Systems
  • Spiral Dynamics
  • Large-Scale Change
  • World Café
  • Open Space Technology
  • Systems Thinking
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Lean Thinking, Kaizen, Six Sigma, Continuous Process Improvement

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