Dynamics of Change

Every successful journey needs someone who knows how to read the map, or you’ll end up lost. At Creative Change Associates, we call our map the 5D’s, our Dynamics of Change. In order to make sure we don’t get lost on our road to change, we follow our 5D’s along the way. This road map makes sure that we are digging into the right places, turning over every necessary stone, and bringing you the results that you expected when you brought Creative Change Associates on board. Like any good road navigator, we’ve laid out our map so you can see where we plan to go with you, and how we plan to get there.

1.  Discovery:

In the Discovery stage, we meet with key leaders and stakeholders to get an accurate picture about the current situation. We talk about their dreams, their concerns, and their visions for an improved future. Most importantly, we talk about their bottom line expectations. Without measurable expectations in place, we may have two different ideas about where our journey is headed, and in the end, neither of us will end up happy.

2.  Diagnosis:

Building on the learnings from the Discovery phase, we then use some of our most powerful tools, the Denison Organizational Culture Survey (link to DOCS) and the Denison Leadership Development Survey (link to DLDS) to identify critical disconnects and misalignments within your system These tools allow us to assess your organizational culture, the health of the organization and it’s key leaders. We work with you to analyze these data streams and prioritize initial goals for the change effort.

3.  Design:

This is where we get the entire team involved. In our eyes, you get the best results from forming an internal action team from a broad, diverse group of your very own employees. The people who know your systems best are right under your own roof, and these agents of change give us a unique perspective that no amount of literature or numbers on a page could tell us. Creative Change Associates team will then bring your new internal team together to design and create a strategy for achieving the goals and steps that need to take place for effective change. We’ll begin to train the internal team and give them the necessary tools in their toolboxes to make change happen.

4.  Deployment:

In this step of Creative Change Associates’ process, we start to see the pace really pick up. We put your new internal team into motion with small, quick wins to make them into heroes. Once real change has started to happen, the results and culture will start to build momentum and give your internal action team the credibility that they need to tackle larger tasks effectively. Our training and action plans start to take shape and give you the change you brought us on board to deliver.

5.  Do It Again:

This is the step that most people overlook. You’ve seen results internally and in your bottom line, so why stop now? We take a step back, look at your processes, old and new, and assess the effectiveness and look for even more improvements. With the initial goals out of the way, we continue to set new, measurable goals and create strategies to achieve them. Your internal action team is energized, so we take advantage of this by developing a succession plan and institutionalizing the team-based culture, process, tools and learning. This is where your internal action team gets to take what we’ve learned, and spread it like wild fire throughout the organization. A culture of change should be fluid and ongoing, and that is why we Do It Again.

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